Tips for New Ballroom Dancers!

I am so happy you finally got into the studio to learn how to ballroom dance!

But if you are still a little apprehensive about ballroom here are some tips to calm those jitters:

Look for a good teacher who emphasizes what you can do, not your limits. A good teacher encourages. Believe it or not, you want to have chemistry with your instructor. Does he/she make you feel comfortable? Does he/she make you smile?

Don’t try to be a perfectionist. This I must admit is difficult, but allow yourself to make mistakes. Allow yourself to fumble over your feet.Don’t worry about your size-DANCE IS FOR EVERYONE. One of the common objections I hear from female dancers is “I am not small enough to do that”. STOP that self defeating talk! I repeat dance IS for everyone.

Get INTO the music, as well as the MOVEMENT. Again, don’t worry about being PERFECT. It will hinder you from being that amazing dancer that I know that you are.

And don’t ever quit! If you feel like quitting, communicate your feelings with your instructor. They are there to help you be that dancer you always wanted to be.

We suggest that you also invest a little in some quality ballroom dance shoes.  A new pair of shoes will not only improve your dancing but will make you feel better and more comfortable about your dancing.  Come and see us at The Dance Shoe so that we can hook you up with a comfortable, stylish pair of dance shoes that are guaranteed to turn heads!






Happy Dancing!

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Fancy Footwork in Social Dance

Fancy Footwork in Social Dance

Proper footwork is essential for good form and style. Some general principles to develop good footwork include:

Carry your weight more on the ball of your foot than on your heel.

Align your feet so they are parallel to your partner’s feet. Your right foot should be pointed in between your partner’s feet. Take straight steps with your toes pointed straight ahead, either forward or backward.

When stepping, the motion should originate from the hip, allowing the leg to swing freely from the joint.

Don’t drag your feet. Take definite steps.

If it’s a fast song, take shorter steps. If it’s a slow song, take longer steps.

When you change directions, you will maintain your balance better if your feet are closer together.

We here at The Dance Shoe also recommend a quality, comfortable ballroom dance shoe.  It just do happens that we carry a great selection of discounted, quality dance shoes.  Come see us and I’m sure you’ll agree that we got it all and not in a conceited way!







Happy Dancing!


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Many dancers move with their feet apart. This makes them look awkward. Try the following. Imagine walking on a plank of wood, just wide enough to accommodate your feet, side by side. Now move forward and backward without stepping off the plank. Youll notice that when one foot passes the other, it brushes against it.

Get used to brushing your feet against each other moving forward and backward, then apply the same technique to moving in different directions. Whenever one foot takes a step, it touches or brushes against the other before you put your weight on it.

Note that, except where a variation demands it, one foot never crosses in front or back of the other. Each foot always stays in its own track.

Ladies, I know moving backward most of the time is difficult. However, try pointing your toe out when stretching the leading leg backward and I mean stretching. Arching your back helps.

When you spin, either on two beats or on a triple step, stay on one spot by keeping your feet together unless the step requires you to travel, in which case you stay on the plank. This way you wont wobble, loose your beat, or end up too far away from your partner, forcing him to chase and catch you , or rushing to close the gap.

When you kick, point your toe out and down. Pointing your toe up or inward looks very ungainly and is only suitable for some western moves where it looks cute.To do a Tango swivel fan, keep your knees together, stay balanced on your weighted foot, and point your free toes down and out.

When thinking about footwork, it always help to habe the proper pair of ballroom dance shoes.  To find a great selection of comfortable, quality dance shoes, come see us at The Dance Shoe and I’m sure you’ll agree we’ve got what your looking for!

Happy Dancing!


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