Many dancers move with their feet apart. This makes them look awkward. Try the following. Imagine walking on a plank of wood, just wide enough to accommodate your feet, side by side. Now move forward and backward without stepping off the plank. Youll notice that when one foot passes the other, it brushes against it.

Get used to brushing your feet against each other moving forward and backward, then apply the same technique to moving in different directions. Whenever one foot takes a step, it touches or brushes against the other before you put your weight on it.

Note that, except where a variation demands it, one foot never crosses in front or back of the other. Each foot always stays in its own track.

Ladies, I know moving backward most of the time is difficult. However, try pointing your toe out when stretching the leading leg backward and I mean stretching. Arching your back helps.

When you spin, either on two beats or on a triple step, stay on one spot by keeping your feet together unless the step requires you to travel, in which case you stay on the plank. This way you wont wobble, loose your beat, or end up too far away from your partner, forcing him to chase and catch you , or rushing to close the gap.

When you kick, point your toe out and down. Pointing your toe up or inward looks very ungainly and is only suitable for some western moves where it looks cute.To do a Tango swivel fan, keep your knees together, stay balanced on your weighted foot, and point your free toes down and out.

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A Comfortable Dance Shoe vs. Looking Great – Why Should You Have To Choose?

A Comfortable Dance Shoe vs. Looking Great – Why Should You Have To Choose?

Dancing is as much about aesthetics as it is about how it makes you feel. The lines you create and the grace with which you move make up a very large part of what makes the art of dance such a pleasure to watch and perform.

However, wearing the proper footwear (along with other dance attire) is key in achieving the aesthetics of all the social dances.

A comfortable dance shoe is key in making sure you are balanced and able to achieve the proper range of movement without any discomfort.

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Understanding how a shoe is designed to be used is key to finding the right fit for you.

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Ballroom Dancing Tips Cont…

One of the common problems in the ballroom dancing scenario is that you need to anticipate your partner’s every move and match it comfortably. Since men will be expected to lead, they should lean a bit in the direction that they intend to step. A minor lean should indicate a smaller step, while a lean of greater proportion should signify a larger step. Ladies should become accustomed to leaning in the same direction, once they perceive their partners’ signal.This will avoid a rough start, as well as choppy moves once the dance begins.Think of it as a kind of silent dance language.

Accomplishing good form and style is contingent upon proper footwork. Remember to align your feet parallel with your partner’s – with the toe of one foot pointed between his or her feet; carry your weight on the ball of your foot; take definite steps while avoiding the tendency to drag the feet; and make sure to step from the hip so that the leg can move freely from the joint and strive to keep your feet close together when changing course in order to maintain a good sense of balance.

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